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Remember we are a job board not an employment agency, so we do not represent jobseekers to companies directly; you must apply yourself via the APPLY button on each job. When you apply to a job, your application goes to that employer only.

We automatically forward your application to the contact listed in the job posting, on our site at FPSelectJobs.com. Therefore, we have no additional information, other than that which the manager posts to our site. If there is an interest in your application, the manager will contact you via the email and/or phone number you listed when you registered on our site.

The FPSelectJobs Customer Support Staff DOES NOT have access to Employer Contact Info, Jobseeker Contact Info or Jobseeker Resumes.


Registration Confirmation and Password Retrieval emails are sent via a no-reply email address. Please review the information on the registration page regarding registrations, password retrieval, and job response emails.

Due to the volume of job applications and lost password requests, we are unable to manually respond to "Allow Mail", "Sender Verification", "Black Box" or "White list" requests. All returned emails are deleted automatically.

Here are the email addresses that consistently returned for verification or allow mail requests:

sbcglobal.net ameritech.net att.net Please register using a different email, as passwords and job application acceptance emails are sent via a no-reply email and all returned emails are deleted automatically.

Why Use FPselectJobs.com

We recognize that our site does require a bit more human interaction, we do this to make sure that you are an actual person loading your actual resume, and not a software program trying uploading bulk resumes to create multiple applications for one person to the same job.

And yes, we do recognize that we will frustrate some folks, but we are more concerned about the integrity of the information provided to our managers. Our managers are not impressed by getting hundreds of resumes to a single job they are just seeking the right person.

On the employer side the registration and job posting process is as time intensive. We do this to discourage persons and software programs that are just trying to collect data on jobseekers. This emphasis in quality has not hindered our growth, as our intent was always to be "Select".

Our continued best wishes as you continue your job search, visit us often new jobs are added all the time.

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Thanks for using us as part of your job search.