Storytelling as a Professional Discipline.

OK, so how can someone in sales or marketing turn a garden-variety pitch into a purposeful story?
Storytelling as a Professional Discipline. It’s so simple, it’s embarrassing, and yet a lot of people overlook the basics. First, when you walk into a room to sell a product or pitch an investor or whatever, you absolutely have to know what your intention is.
What do you want from your listeners?

It can be a physical movement or asking someone about the pictures on his desk in a way that builds mutuality. Finally, the goal of your story must be to show what is in it for the listeners. The audience must win.

Persuasive talkers tend to do well in business, and yet we don’t typically think of storytelling as a professional discipline. Hollywood producer Peter Guber is on a crusade to remedy that. In his new book, Tell to Win, the CEO of Mandalay Entertainment takes a look at the way people use stories to do business. He spoke with’s Mike Hofman.

You have to understand your objective and be transparent about it in order to establish trust. Second, you have to figure out a way to capture your listeners’ attention.

Peter Guber on the Power of Effective Communicators. In his new book, Tell to Win, the Hollywood producer and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment addresses the importance of storytelling in business.
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By Mike Hofman| @mikehofman