Month: August 2015

Job Search Phone Call Etiquette

Find your dream job

Getting a hiring manager to return your phone message. You have just received a phone call acknowledging receipt of your resume or a call to invite you, to call in to set up an interview. Placing a badly recorded call…

Planning your job exit strategy

Planning your job exit strategy

With an uptick in the new economy and people being added to the job force daily, you might be thinking about leaving your company. Exiting a job and launching into another opportunity requires dealings with current and future co-workers. Like…

Failure and Imagination

it may feel like your rudeness is saving you time, but it isn’t.

JK Rowling, who came from a family where her imagination was seen as “an amusing personal quirk that would never pay a mortgage, or secure a pension”, struggled considerably before becoming one of the world’s most successful authors: seven years…

How to Turn Down a Job Interview

Great Company, Terrible Job, How to Turn Down a Job Interview Many candidates complain that they are being invited to interviews for jobs, that appear to have nothing to do with their current skills, or job interest. What to do…

Mediocrity is cunning: it can disguise itself as achievement.

Beware the gravitational pull of mediocrity

Being second rate is not simply the curse of being an over-promoted underachiever – it’s the default state of the universe In the early years of the last century, Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset proposed a solution to society’s…

Using Job Boards Effectively

We act as if our attentional capacities are infinite. It turns out they aren’t

Your resume will need to pass the first hurdle of “suitability” – many fail to make the first cut because they’re not relevant or targeted enough to the role. The job description is a good place to find relevant keywords, specific skills, qualifications or areas of expertise.