Job Search Phone Call Etiquette

Getting a hiring manager to return your phone message.
Finding your dream jobYou have just received a phone call acknowledging receipt of your resume or a call to invite you, to call in to set up an interview. Placing a badly recorded call can stop the interview process in its tracks.
Far too many jobseekers, use the same phone call etiquette as they would to a friend or family member who knows who they are.

Little thought is given to creating a message that will be returned by the employer.
Leaving a Professional Job Search Phone Message.
Quite often mangers do not return calls or follow up with jobseekers because the jobseeker:
  • Did not leave a telephone number
  • Left a number with no area code
  • Did not leave their name
  • Left a message that is garbled or barely audible
  • Placed the call from a location with background noises, e.g. traffic sounds, restaurant noises, dogs barking etc.
  • Leave a long rambling incoherent message

Any message that requires the hiring manager to do research before the calling you back, including looking up your contact information, trying to figure out who the call is from, or what you are trying to say.

These mistakes greatly reduce your chance of a call back from the manager or for consideration for the job.

FPSelectJobs: 08/30/2015