Sending your Resume To Whom it May Concern

To Whom it May Concern?

Sending your resume to whom it may concernAddressing your cover letter or job search email introduction, “To whom it may concern”, when the Hiring Manager or the HR Person’s name is in the job description or on the company website, is a major job search blunder.

Take the time to do a quick review at the job application method, check to see if a name or title is included. If there is no name or title, address your email or cover letter to Dear Hiring Manager.

Sending your resume to “To whom it may concern”, is like sending your resume to yourself, as the person mostly concerned about you getting the job is you!

In fact, the answer “to whom it may concern”, is usually Nobody, and resumes sent to nobody generally goes nowhere.

Make sure that your resume is considered, every time it is forwarded for a job. Always address your job search communications to a person or a relevant title at the hiring company.

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