Getting Past the Resume Gatekeeper

Career FairsJob Search Alert: Getting Past the Resume Gatekeeper
Just a reminder that we are in the biggest hiring period of the year, especially for new grads! Managers are beginning to list more jobs and the interviewing pace has picked up.

But, as mentioned in our last update, there are more jobseekers on the market – so the jobs are filled quickly, and the competition is stiffer.

This no time for the faint hearted, budgets have been approved and the jobs that are available are part of a company’s long term strategy, so there will be competition.

A few tips to get past the resume gate keepers:

1. Do not address a resume to: “To whom it may concern”, the answer to that intro is – nobody. Use Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Recruiter or the person’s name if available, or a simple Hello, I am seeking a………. position (add the remainder of your cover letter here)

2. If you are going to be a Confidential Jobseeker please put somewhere prominent in your application to indicate that you are actively seeking a new position. Confidential resumes are generally less likely to be read, the word confidential can be off-putting to a manager, so you must make the extra effort to invite them to read your resume.

3. When posting your resume on the job boards, follow job application directions when applying for a position, before calling a recruiter. You cannot charm a busy recruiter, no matter how great your phone skills. They will do a better job if the resume is at hand and is information is in a format they can use.

4. What does all this mean – attend your school’s career fair, create fewer online applications and do them properly, then follow-up a day or two later with a mid-afternoon phone call.

This could just be your year!!!!

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