Clothing crisis, you have no interview worthy outfits!

You may have interviewed with the company some weeks ago; met the company at your college career fair and they are now starting their interview sessions; or you are being invited in to a second interview weeks after your first meeting.

Clothing crisis, you have no interview worthy outfits. While this is great news, you discover a that you have a real clothing crisis, nothing in your closet fits properly, is this possible, it has only been few weeks since the first interview.

What to do, you are short on cash, so a completely new outfit is out of the question, and you really want this job.

Can you put together an outfit that projects your potential, does not embarrass, or worse yet disqualify you for the position?

The answer a resounding YES!!

First: Divide available wardrobe into parts, suits included.

Top half, are any of these available:

1) Neutral blouse, white shirt that fits properly, no gaps at the buttons, no sleeveless tops.

2) If none fits, or is interview ready, contact family or friends who may own neutral blouses or shirts check with your brother or boyfriend who owns a quality white or neutral color shirt.

3) Collect available garments and determine which is interview appropriate, do check the state of the garments, not everyone’s idea of what constitutes a clean white shirt professional blouse is the same.

4) Lay aside the two or three of the tops that make the grade.

Bottom half of outfit, emphasis here on fit:

1) Try on slacks and skirts before a full-length mirror. Seriously, do any of them fit comfortably? Are any of the pieces that fit in a neutral color? Think black, gray, or brown.

2) If nothing fits or is in an appropriate color, you might want to invest in a pair or wide leg solid color trousers, in black, dark gray or brown. Wide leg trousers can help soften a look especially if you are wearing a button down shirt.

Additional stuff that pulls together the interview outfit:

1) Shoes: Check the condition of your best medium height heel shoes. Are the shoes a little scuffed, apply shoe polish and see what happens. No shoe polish available, try face/hand cream and a magic marker for white marks, (not exactly recommending this for every type of shoe, use your judgment, and a light hand on scratches etc., start on the heel).

2) Jacket: Do you have a shrunken jacket or cardigan in an appropriate color? At this time of year office temperatures, vary wildly. Do make sure that garments are in good order. If none of the jackets fit. Borrow a cardigan or jacket or purchase a neural color cardigan in as good a quality as you can afford, you will have it forever.

3) Handbag: Choose your handbag carefully, handbags can add or detract from a business outfit. Remember to place a writing tablet, directions to the interview, and a pen that is in working order in your bag.

Final tasks:

1) Lay out complete outfits, place pieces in dryer, or iron to remove wrinkles; add scent remover to remove perfume. Hang compete outfit on hangers.

2) Do not forget jewelry, check earring backs and clasps, you may not have the time on interview day to forage for replacements.

3) Gather up and return all outfits, clothing items, and accessory bits you are not going wear Return to their owners IMMEDIATELY, people like to have their clothes back, especially the pieces they never ever wear!

Now thank your lucky stars for your large menagerie of sisters, brothers and their wives or girlfriends, stepfamilies, a boat load of cousins and friends. Send thank you texts to everyone who helped!!!

There is nothing like knowing that you are properly dressed to give you confidence at an interview.