Job searching during the summer ….

So it’s July, temperatures are in the 80’s and you are still chasing that perfect job.

Summer interviewingSummer interviewing can be tough, here are a few tips to get around the summer interview blues.
Be mindful that road construction and detours are more prevalent in the summer, so plan to leave for your interview a bit earlier to beat the traffic.

Arrive at your interview at least ten minutes early, stay in the general building lobby for a few minutes to cool down.
If available use the lobby restroom or a small personal mirror to view/blot make-up and hair. Although the temperature is boiling, you are still expected to appear fresh and cool.

    • Before driving to the interview, remove your jacket, so  you will cool off faster in the lobby and even if your shirt or top gets terribly wrinkled etc. you can appear well put together, as your jacket will not be wrinkly too!
    • Replace your jacket BEFORE you enter the company to present yourself for your interview.
    • Keep some handy wipes at the ready to ensure that your hands are clean and dry.
    • Check your resume too; make sure that it is clean, crisp and dry; choose the one that is in best shape to present to the manager.
    • Check the accuracy of your contact information, as decision makers may be on holiday during the summer. Make it easy for the interview team to contact you.
    • Have multiple contact options available at the ready.
    • While presentation is not everything, quite often candidates self-sabotage their summer interviews by appearing hurried, hassled, and sweat-handed at their summer interviews.

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